Saturday, January 26, 2013

Want to stalk me?

Did you know that technically you can stalk me through my fitbit if you want to. :)

Mrs. Swan

I am not saying it is pretty...  So far the most I have done is 5 thousand plus in one day.  Remember how I said my job is 8 steps corner to corner?  I found these pictures when I was scrolling through my phone the other night. They are old, but the room size hasn't changed any.

Lovely color block job right?  I tried to block anything that would allow you to stalk me in real life.  LOL


I pre-wrote this post for today.  Well as of today I have blown that 5k steps out of the water.  We left the house about 12:00pm and got home after 10:00pm.  

I have now earned my 10k steps badge.  Next is 15k.  I have noooo idea when I will be able to hit that one.

100% on plan (remember my own plan) No, I am not saying that because I cheated and am making it "on plan" LOL


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