Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Day 17

I have a gowearfit that I do not use.  The strap is broken and I dislike the monthly fee.  One of my FB friends has the same thing.  She posted about something she was looking into.  I mentioned to her I had read a blog post about it recently.  Turns out she was talking about the smaller version of it.  Which Target happens to have on sale this week.  So after much research and discussion with hubbers we made the trek to Target.  I wanted the pink one but the screen had a pink tinge that I didn't like.  I ended up with the black one and I can always order the pink silicone clip case if I want to.  

What in the heck am I talking about?

A fancy shmancy pedometer.    : )     It smiles at me

I hoped to be able to upload the info to my blog. However they only do facebook, twitter, and word press.  I thought I might be able to add a twitter widget to my blog and have the stats post there.  I cannot seem to get the twitter widget to work though.  

Hubby sees that I am serious so he is all for the small investment to help get me moving, moving. 
I liked what I saw on the scale this morning so I expect that downward trend to continue. 

Eats-  Good
Water- Good
Workout- 10 min stationary bike   2 miles.  Pitiful but something rather than nothing.


  1. Anything that smiles at you while you get healthy is a good thing.

    Enjoy. :)

  2. I have a fitbit. I've had one since 2009 when they first came out and every time they upgrade it, I get a new one. They are an amazing company. I hope you enjoy it.

  3. very cute!! So much better than the old school pedometers! Another fun exercise tool I'm using right now is Nexercise. It is a app I have on my iPhone to track my exercise- every time you workout you get points towards a gift card. yes! It takes forever to get to that point but I don't care! I also compete with my friends to see who can workout the most that week. wow this totally sounds like an ad! er- Check it out! haha

  4. If anyone wants good motivation, there is an App you can get and paid to go to the gym! However, if you do NOT go, you owe them money. How often you have to go depends on your goals. But the more you go, the more $$ you can make.

    The App is called Gym Pact. Here is their web site -

    I know people personally who use it -- nd have gotten $$


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