Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's all about the choices.

I finally have a picture of my 5 marbles lost. I am just hesitant to put it up since tomorrow is WI day and I don't want anyone to get confused.  I am a little afraid of tomorrow.  Not because of my eating at least. My drinking has not been up to par at all- which is where my fear is from.  Tomorrow I will pay the piper over it I am sure.

Day off today and I took advantage of sleeping in.  Then picked up B from VPK and home to wait for A to get home from school.  After hubby got home from his college classes we all went to Sam's Club and stocked up on goodness.  No sugar or processed carbs entered our cart.  (excluding fruit) Spent bundles but that is what happens in those types of stores.

 I also picked up another pair of speedo flippers (flip flops)  I have a pair of them from a few month ago and they are great.  The style do not hurt my feet and my right foot is happy in them.  I was getting severe pain in my right foot for quite a while that stemmed from when I was trying the C25K last year. When your fat and live in FL it is hard to find inexpensive flippers that do not suck after a few wearings.  200+ lbs on the crappy cushioning just doesn't bode well for the shoes.  These hold up pretty damn well so I was thrilled to see they still had them.

My Sam's didn't have the cute colors they show on here but these are what they are.

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