Thursday, January 31, 2013

Do you strip? I need a new routine.

I know many people like to strip off various articles of clothing when they first walk in the door of their home.  I know of at least two people in real life that peel their bras off practically the moment they walk in.

I do take something off within the first few minutes but it isn't clothing.  I take off my wedding rings.  For some reason the moment I walk in the door they feel constrictive to me. It doesn't bother me in the least when I am out and about during the day.  I have a little kitty ring holder that my mother got me in childhood that sits in the kitchen window sill.  Majority of my rings are on it so I just slip my wedding set right on top of the stack.  Yes- I do know I am odd.

I wanted to go another 10 minutes on the treadmill last night but my right toes were feeling really uncomfortable.  I didn't know if it was a blister or chafing or what.  I looked as soon as I got off and found the problem. My pinkie toenail was lightly rubbing/cutting my umm ring finger toe? LOL  Cut the offending nail and let my tooties air breathe all night.  Today there is a little nagging pain but it is totally ignorable.  I wrapped a band aid around the toe and am hoping it will be ok later to walk. I won't know till I try right?

I need to come up with a routine that I can stick to.  I typically work 4 days a week 10/10/10/6 sometimes I work 10/10/10/10 and sometimes it is 5 days of 6/10/10/10/4. I take the loss of 4 hours during the school year as it enables us to keep the kiddos out of daycare period.  Cheaper to take the loss than pay daycare on two kiddos.

I want to work on a treadmill routine that I can and will follow.  I also need to figure out a dinner routine if I am going to work out on days that I work.  By the time I get home at 7:30ish that doesn't leave much time for dinner or walking. Well really it does if I was super awesome and walked while the meat is baking but I am just not that organised. I am playing with the idea of pre-cooking protein for my days off.  That way I just have to worry about veggies or a starchy side for hubbers.  The kids typically do not eat what we are eating because by the time it is ready it is their bedtime.  I may just concentrate on keeping the treadmilling to my days off.  Just kinda talking typing out loud here.

PS.  Yessss I like making interesting blog titles when I can.  LMAO


  1. I was about to start sending you belly dancing instructional vidoes, based off the title ;)

  2. I don't find it odd at all that you take off your rings when you get home. I used to as well. Although I always tucked them into my jewelry box because I didn't have a cat thing to put them on;)

    Oh and I HATE when my pinky toenail grows funky and cuts my ring toe. It happens all the time. So, I feel your pain.


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