Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The post based on my FB status.

I usually do not post stuff about me on Facebook.  I do a lot of stalking reading of people's status. I occasionally post a funny of what the kids have done. I generally do not call attention to myself.  Sometimes I wonder why I even have a FB account to be honest. While I love the nosiness of it and keeping in touch with some, I feel invisible.

I took my invisibility away with this post this afternoon:
Today is day 30 of eating 98% (refined) sugar free. (The 2% was from condiments/sauces) I did however eat natural sugar such as fresh fruit. I have had zero ice cream/cookies/cakes enter my body. :) Yes- I am tooting my own horn.

Of course it got lots of likes and comments.  I mentioned if they wanted to read my blog to please let me know.  I sent out several links to the commenters. My cousin and an online friend asked how I felt.  My answer was ummm...normal?  LOL  Really though I haven't thought about it. With the questions asked I did realize that I am a lot happier. I don't have many mood swings. I cannot think of a moment of depression this month.  I do think of the invisible feelings but that is normal for me.  I am sure many of you can relate even.  One of the best side effects for me is the lack of cravings.  I do have a hankering for something sweet from time to time but I can ignore it usually ,or distract myself.  I can ignore sweets without much thought most of the time. I  just don't have negative (to me) cravings. That alone is a blessing to me.  Now my cravings are for healthy vegetables.

I am by no means perfect and I will never claim to be.  I have had things that I shouldn't- they just were not sugar based.  I plan on writing another post to sum up my 30 days as soon as my hellions are contained and I can think without hearing the loud play.

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  1. Excellent work! Getting rid of excess sugar is an incredible win. I found for me too, the less I have, the less I want it, and it affects everything else. Woo hoo!


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