Saturday, January 5, 2013

Daily check in

I have nothing amazing to say other than things are going well.  I dread the day when my first craving hits but for now I have no complaints.  Those times when I do want a lil something sweet (usually coinsides with slight hunger too) I reach for a protein shake and all is right in the world again.  :)  I cannot wait till Tuesday when I can restock the kitchen again with some faves.  Actually I have to pick up some milk for the boys tomorrow so I may pick up some small stuff then. :)

I ordered some coupons for Atkin's shakes last night.  Publix has a great coupon out for them too.  I am hoping with the new year that they will be BOGO very soon.  If not at least I can still save some moolah on them .

I have to say   I LOVE MY NO SUGAR/LOW CARB HONEYMOON!!!   LOL   It is wonderful to be able to look at pinterest and see all of the lovely pictures of goodies and not be tempted!!


  1. Good luck with the carbs! I've tried many a time but when it comes right down to it I love my carbs a little too much to be able to say goodbye :/

  2. I'm the same as Karen - I live off white rice (so bad I know!) but it just makes me admire people more who can stick with it :) you're awesome!


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