Wednesday, January 9, 2013

CRAPPERS He is a mini me!!


I realized in the car driving to work that my 4 year old is on the path of being like me for sure.  I was remembering the times I would go into my dad's room while he was at work and steal loose change. I would then ride my bike the the gas station at the end of the apartment complex we lived in and buy candy.  I don't have memories of eating the candy but I remember the coin theft well. Turns out I was taking his collectable coins. (buffalo head nickels and wheat pennies from the original mint years)  I was 6 or 7 doing this.  My father had custody of both my brother and I at the time and he was never home. My older brother was in charge of me but I ran free.  Of course as we all know it was a different time then.  NO WAY in hell would my 7 year old be in my front yard without an adult.  Must less be riding a bike at least half a mile away.

The next time frame that I remember a major problem is when I was about 12 or 13.  At this point I was living with my mom and stepfather.  I would take my weekly allowance ($7.00) and go buy candy at the gas station a mile away.  By this time I was old enough to wander the neighborhoods and the surrounding stores. I know I spent hours upon hours walking around the party supply store.  Looking as all the cool decorations and favors.  Hell, my bike was even stolen from out front of that damn store.  (It was awesome!  A metallic purple/pink racing bike with white pegs) Any who the point of my story is I would buy this candy then bring it home and hide it in my room.  My mother didn't keep sweets/sugar in the house as she knew I was porking up.  I had always been a teeny bit chubby for as long as I can remember. (budda belly) My mother says I was not as a small child though.  My memories start at about age 6. (see above)  Just bits and pieces that I can recall here and there, sometimes they are helped along by pictures.  One day I was coming home from the store and my mother met me at the door and I literally threw the candy in front of the little wall that was beside the walkway of the porch so she wouldn't see it.  I think she still busted me on it as she saw the arm movement.   My mother weighed between 100 and 105 lbs for my entire childhood.  So she had no idea how to deal with my sugar lust.

As I got older I lost interest in candy bars but I still loved me some sweets.  Those Friday nights as a teen when I got off work early (9pm instead of 1am- movie theather)  and had nothing to do I would have a planned binge.  I would stop at the gas station on the way home and run in an buy a pint or two of Ben and Jerry's and several girlie mags. (No you perv- not the porn ones-Cosmo and the like) I would then go home and eat one entire pint in one sitting and flip through those mags.  My mom was less attentive at that point since I was working and she had my lil sis and bro to deal with and was usually sound asleep when I got home.

 This hit me today while I was at work doing some mindless filing.  OMG!!! I set the example and he is just following me!!!! I realized there have been times that I have taken my Mommy treats to the bedroom as not to be disturbed.  Maybe even sprinted there so a child wouldn't see I had ::insert sugary food here:: so I wouldn't have to share  He doesn't realize he is "stealing" or what a serving is.  He just knows it tastes good.


Less junk is being brought into the house so that is a start.  I have already been working on this with him.  That he needs to ask, not just take and stuff like that.  I have been leaving him a banana on the coffee table for when Daddy wakes him up in the morning. He eats breakfast at VPK but likes a little something sweet in the morning.  I got him weaned off the morning pop tart thankfully.  I wrote on the banana this morning a la Chubby McGee.  B. brought it up on his own tonight when I got home from work. That he wanted me to write on his banana again, that he really liked it.  I just wrote:   I LOVE HISNAME    


  1. ((hugs)) I can totally relate :(

  2. that's sweet about the banana :) I think it's a good thing that you've caught this early, way more of a chance of kicking the habit, good luck!


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