Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 26


The sushi didn't effect me!  My weight this morning was the same as Thursday morning.  I did take a picture of my marble jar.  I cannot post it up though because for some reason mine had more than it should have.  I don't know if I double dropped or my coworker dropped mine in also.  I will take one out and get a new picture Sunday.


That makes me 9 pounds down in 26 days.  It seems like such a long time for such a small amount but I know that it is a respectable amount.

Busy day tomorrow so I am off to bed.  Our beagle/dach mix needs a vet visit for a teeth cleaning and check up.  I didn't realize how dirty her teeth were till I was giving her the monthly flea pill.  Hubby will be signing up A. to play soccer yet again.  That will make me a soccer mommy again.  Of course I am a absent one because I work during most of the games.  Then a cousin's birthday party to Chuckie Cheese.   I have zero plans of sugar-  no cake for meeeee.  I will just make sure to eat before I go and take a protein drink with me as well.

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  1. That's great! Glad you dropped a pound :) & Have fun at the birthday party!


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